Online Marketing

Times 2 Studios is a full service online marketing agency. We offer services including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Email Marketing and Social Media Management.

Whichever online marketing services you go for, our approach is the same. We work to understand you as a business, who your customers are, how they interact with you and what your goals are - not only online but offline as well. Once we have the background we can develop a strategy that integrates into your existing marketing plan. We will also audit what strategies you might already have in place, how they're working for you and how they could work harder.

Once we know your aims, we can create a bespoke online marketing strategy, based on your budget and requirements gathered from our research stage. We set out clear, trackable milestones and targets for your strategy so we can monitor how successful it is, then tweak it as and when we need to. We can work on a fully integrated online marketing solution or work alongside other agencies and partnerships to support your overall strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is all about getting you noticed! Search engine optimisation should focus on improving your websites' visibility in organic search engine listings.

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PPC is paid search engine advertising displayed at the top of search results pages. Unlike SEO campaigns which take time to see results, the effects of PPC campaigns are instant.

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Our experienced copywriters can assist with all areas of copywriting, including website copy optimised for search, email communications, social media and blogs.

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We can help you set up your affiliate marketing campaign and make sure the strategy reflects your goals, whether that's driving sales or gaining new customers.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media provides you with the ability to communicate directly with your customers, on a much more personal level than with other marketing approaches.

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Site Metrics
& Analysis

Our work doesn't stop once your site is live! We can work with you to establish goals and targets for your website, and help develop your website to its full potential.

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