Rae Feather

Rae Feather Desktop, Tablet and Mobile website design and developmentThe Brief

To create a website to align with the launch of a luxury resort-wear brand. The content, products and order management process needed to be managed internally by the Rae Feather team. Due to growth in their accessories department we also needed to develop custom product functionality to allow customers to personalise selected products with complex monogramming options.


Utilising the Rae Feather branding alongside website best practices, we created a high quality, user friendly website which showcased the clean luxury branding. In addition to the design, we worked alongside the internal copy-writing and branding team to advise on creating content which not only re-enforced the brand ethos but also helped with SEO to grow organic traffic.


Personalisation has become synonymous with Rae Feather, resulting in us creating the functionality on products which allows customers to personalise their products. Personalisation includes colour and monogramming options plus varying prices depending on customer selection. The customisation developed allows for flexibility depending on the product type, giving customers a seamless way of making their products bespoke.

Platform & Integrations

3rd party integration with Linnworks has allowed the team to manage stock and orders efficiently. Due to orders being able to be placed both online and offline Linnworks allows for stock and orders to be centrally and seamlessly managed. Advanced reporting is also used within Linnworks to understand sales and trends throughout the year.